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fucked me about with tickets for bordeaux 07

  1. fucked me about with tickets for bordeaux 07

  1. maloneavic
    Jan 15, 2010
    Said he would buy 3 tickets off me as arranged , once there was returns he told me he didnt want them anymore and got 3 on his cards for loyalty, was stung for nearly £100

    should be banned off the site
  2. 4tothefloor
    Jan 15, 2010
    Said he would buy 3 tickets off me as arranged , once there was returns he told me he didnt want them anymore and got 3 on his cards for loyalty, was stung for nearly £100
    Bullshit. Firstly it was 2006, not 2007.
    I requested 3 tickets on Irishkop weeks in advance of the game and Maloneavic contacted me offering. I agreed to take the tickets.

    However right up to the eve of the game there was no sign of the tickets.
    On the day before the game Maloneavic contacted me to say the ticket office never delivered the tickets and that he had no tickets for me.

    He suggested posting me a letter so I could collect the tickets at the ticket office. This was a non runner as our flight was an early morning one the following day. He then suggested that I still go to the ticket office at Anfield and try collect the tickets by giving his fancard number and address. He also suggested the ticket office could ring him if there were any problems. I asked Maloneavic if he had ever tried this before, he replied no. I then asked him could he guarantee me that the ticket office would give me the tickets, he replied no that he could not guarantee me 100%. On top of all this, he wanted to be paid up front for the tickets and wanted me to lodge the money in to his account.

    I made a few phone calls and explained the situation to the other two lads travelling with me. They were pissed off and decided that there was no way that they were (a) handing over any money and (b) they were not prepared to take the chance of being left with no tickets at the ground as they felt it was a scam and refused to go with it. I did not know Maloneavic personally or online and so could not vouch for him. At the time the IK site was the old invisionboards version and was relatively new, everyone had a low post count and there was no ticket-trader history to refer to.

    Maloneavic's assertion that I left him with tickets in order to get loyalty for myself is a load of rubbish. At the time I was not a regular match goer and neither were any of my mates. I was not chasing nor had I any interest in loyalty and the only games I attended that season were Bordeaux and PSV Eindhoven, both on restricted view tickets.

    I refused to go along with Maloneavic's suggestion on the basis that he could not guarantee me the tickets and the whole thing just did not sound right to me. In any case I could not force the other two parties to go along with it either. After informing Maloneavic of this I managed to get a restricted view ticket on my fancard that evening. The other lads travelled ticketless but managed to pick up face value spares in the Sandon on the afternoon of the game.

    It was the ticket office that left Maloneavic down by not posting out his tickets on time. To this day I have never heard of the TO giving out tickets without proof of ID or a letter of authorisation.

    If Maloneavic continues with his accusations and slander on this public forum, I will not hesitate to take things further. As the mods know, Maloneavic is also involving other members of Irishkop in this now as well. I know people on this site personally, I run a business and I will not take any more of this crap from this guy who has a twisted version of an event which happened almost 3½ years ago.