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New Profile Posts

  1. NotTooXabi
    NotTooXabi mark buckley
    Very easy to deal with, top fella
    1. mark buckley likes this.
    2. mark buckley
      mark buckley
      Cheers lad
      Oct 10, 2018
  2. Devs7
    Lets play football - Klopp 2018
  3. Paul88
    Paul88 theoriginals_lfc
    Didn't manage to get another ticket, the game was sold out before the sale even started, ya still want my one I take it ?
  4. sionkopite
    sionkopite irishfowler
    Hi hows things I'm looking for one single ticket for my cousin for the Southampton game. Have you still got spares. Tx me or wats app me thanks


  5. Bulloneill
    Bulloneill northside red
    Hey mate do still have a spare ticket for the psg game
  6. Bulloneill
    Bulloneill CHARMAC
    Have you still got them tickets if so I'll take them 0872853641
  7. oscar1
    oscar1 Rocko

    Sent you a message further down the page
  8. Bander
    Bander Rossie
    I'll take it mate if still available
  9. mark buckley
    mark buckley
    Born a red,live as red,die a red
  10. Fran74
    Fran74 idman81
    How's it goin mate, I hope to get 2 hurling final tickets but I won't know for certain until next Thursday. Here is my mobile number 087 2497292, drop me a text next week. Cheers.
  11. sionkopite
    sionkopite fordes
    Hi I have 4 for arsenal going spare if u need them I need man city game. Thanks
  12. justydawson
  13. Terry
    Terry Eoghan Corcoran
    If that’s still going mate I’ll take it thanks
  14. Kloppolution
    In the queue....
  15. Rebelred80
    Rebelred80 redabbey
    Hi Mate, I need six for Fulham. I have three cards myself. Would it be possible to use yours if you are not using them?
  16. sionkopite
    sionkopite Shane_90
    I have credits if u need arsenal
  17. Christy
    Christy aquaman
    Very interested, and will take your two for West Ham. Is there anything I need to do for you ?
  18. Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown
    Does any one know of the whereabouts of Alan Jenkins (Liverpool)
  19. jonnylpfc
  20. sionkopite
    sionkopite aquaman
    Hi just seen u sold 2 tickets for the stoke game I'm looking for 2 as well if u know of anyone has any. It's for my mate and his lad.