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New Profile Posts

  1. Kaye
    interesting game there tonight,think They may just have found their replacement for Howard Webb
  2. Kaye
    All fit and on the way .
  3. Kaye
    Enjoyed the match today
    KOPSTAR thenewguy
    Thanks mate
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    LUCAN RED liverpool4life
    Hi, I'm looking for 2 for FACup game? Can ya help?
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    LUCAN RED IrishCan
    Are the 2 tkts still available for FA Cup mate?
  7. annmcnally99
    We Go Again as We Believe and Never Give Up #LFC #YNWA
  8. oscar1
    oscar1 Gerry
    I'm owed money from him yet..provided him with 2 tickets for Brighton 2 for Everton and 4 for Watford..owed £420 in total..he won't answer my calls or return texts but will communicate with a friend of mine in donegal who is trying to get money on my behalf
  9. oscar1
    oscar1 Tconroy
    Hi trevor. How are you. Just inquiring can you help me out with 2r3 tickets for wolves please??.
    I can help out with Sheffield United Everton Southampton west ham or Atletico in return..
  10. Brian Boru
    Brian Boru
    Justice for the 96
  11. red2005
    red2005 Dub13
    Payment sent
  12. red2005
    red2005 Dub13
    Have problem with bank transfer need card reader, can do PayPal now email is sorry about this.
  13. oscar1
    oscar1 northside red
    Hi. Just inquiring did you buy the tickets from sionkopite for the Sheffield United game??.
    I've agreed to swap tickets with him for games after xmas and I'm worried that I've been had over..he's already received a pair from me for Everton Brighton Watford..
    I'm a relatively new member to the group and would appreciate any information..

  14. red2005
    red2005 Dub13
    Can I take 2 units in lotto syndicate will pay by bank transfer if that's ok
  15. sionkopite
    sionkopite Deano85
    Think there gone here many u after
  16. maloneavic
    maloneavic sionkopite
    Have two for Everton and I need two for utd. Give us a pm if that suits
  17. sionkopite
    sionkopite madred
    Have you spare for everton
    1. madred
      Dec 2, 2019
  18. oscar1
    oscar1 rudeboy
    Sorry for sending you a message out of the blue..just that I've done a swap with a member on here by the name sionkopite..I've given him a pair of tickets already for Brighton and I'm waiting on a pair from him..I see that you left negative feedback from a post with him..just wondering what was his reasoning and should I be wary of not getting my tickets..
    Sorry for asking..

    1. rudeboy
      He sold me a couple of tickets on here and when I contacted him a few days later to arrange payment and pickup he told me he sold them to someone else
      Dec 18, 2019
  19. madred
    madred sionkopite
    I have 1 for Everton I would swap for utd if that suits you
  20. oscar1
    oscar1 sionkopite
    Kieran I tried ringing 3r4 times today but got no reply..
    Where abouts are you??.
    That's a northern number isn't it?.
    I'm still on for swapping for a game after xmas..have a mate living in donegal if you're near him?.he could meet you