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New Profile Posts

  1. Terry
    Terry dubit10
    Terry 087-6556075 gimme a text on board the ferry and we will catch up. 5 of us travelling over. Should be a bit of craic!
  2. kevin2me
    Liverpool 4 Barca 0, the Anfield effect!!
  3. Ian Pickstock
    Ian Pickstock
    For how many people mate
  4. Michael Dempsey
    Michael Dempsey Ian Pickstock
    Hi what price is a taxi from Birmingham airport to liverpool.
  5. Stan
    Stan ROCCO
    some guy Emmet supposedly member Liverpool Dublin supporters club contacted me and he would sell me 2 tickets belonging to another Dublin member Barry Daly and I transferred money to Daly's account, anybody here of these cowboys in Dublin Liverpool supporters club doubt there even members.
  6. Stan
    Stan ROCCO
    Hi Rocco, you might be able to o help me out here I got scammed for 2 Chelsea tickets over the the weekend never received them from nightline, bought off donedeal foolishly, mark shelvin buncrana supposedly, said check irish kop to verify member I took his word, told me contact
    1. ROCCO
      Sorry to hear that mate

      Wish I could help but invest heard of him
      Apr 15, 2019
  7. RedPaddy
    RedPaddy noodge74
    Hi Newell,

    Hope your well. You haven't posted in a while..You were kind enough to oblige me a few years back with the use if your cards for a match. I haven't got over since what with the wife firing 3 kids out at me in that time !!! Wondering if you still have them and by chance have any available games between now & end of the month? I have holidays from work till end of April..

    Kind regards
    Padraig walker
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    2. noodge74
      Sorry I'm only seeing this now Padraig, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get over that much myself this season so didn't renew our cards. Hope you're able to get sorted with any tickets you need...sounds like you deserve a break!
      Apr 14, 2019
  8. Kevin Meehan
    Kevin Meehan Gerry
    Looking for two tickets for the Porto Game on the 9th anyone got any to sell
    1. Gerry
      Ill swap you for a pair for the wolves game
      Apr 2, 2019
    2. Kevin Meehan
      Kevin Meehan
      don't have them for the wolves game sorry. but I will still pay for the ones for the Porto game if you'd like
      Apr 2, 2019
    3. Gerry
      Welcome to the site bud,have a look at the site guidelines and rules re ticket requests
      Apr 2, 2019
  9. Bazdalad
    New member here. Thanks for accepting my request. Off to Spurs Game Sunday.
  10. Bobbyboulders
    Bobbyboulders madred
    Hello, you looking for one for watford?
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    2. madred
      Got one of mark buckley
      Thanks for the offer
      Feb 26, 2019
  11. istanbul_05time
  12. istanbul_05time
  13. Darragh1
    Darragh1 Block102
    Hey.. not selling Bayern on its own no?
  14. Darragh1
    Darragh1 Dean4ryan
    Hey.. not selling Bayern on its own
  15. Thomas Fitzgerald
    Thomas Fitzgerald Gerry
    Hi Gerry looking for 2 tickets for Burnley game, any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you
    1. Gerry
      If you get me two for wolves or munich away we can swap
      Feb 16, 2019
  16. Alan Tobin
    Alan Tobin
    Funbus original
  17. kelly jones
  18. ianmahony1977
    ianmahony1977 paulwex
    Hi Paul, Liam was saying you need tickets brought over on Monday. Think i'm gonna head over from Dublin if that's any use to you?
  19. Ian Pickstock
    Ian Pickstock Gerry
    Sorted now Gerry thanks for spotting error
  20. joxers25
    What a result, get in